Garlic Bread Calories

The Startling Truth About Garlic Bread Calories

There’s nothing quite like the taste of garlic bread, which is why it can often be tempting to order this tasty side at your favorite Italian restaurant or buy some fresh at the grocery store and make it yourself.

But while everyone assumes they know exactly how many calories are in garlic bread, we decided to find out the hard way what happens when you eat too much of it — and these shocking results might just surprise you!

It’s been scientifically proven that just smelling garlic can lower blood pressure, so it comes as no surprise that in many places across the world, garlic bread is often served as an appetizer or even with entrées like spaghetti and lasagna.

But if you order garlic bread when you eat out at a restaurant, are you really doing yourself any favors? It turns out the calories in garlic bread may be more than some people are expecting! Here’s what you need to know about the calorie count of garlic bread and whether or not it deserves its place on your menu.

Calories in Garlic Bread

There are approximately 500 calories in a slice of garlic bread, whether it’s plain white or has toppings like cheese or herbs. The calories in each slice vary by type and brand. For example, light herb bread might contain 300 calories per serving and Parmesan cheese bread can have as many as 600 calories per serving.

Since it’s easy to down multiple servings when no one is looking, you could easily consume 1,000 or more calories without even trying — even if you only order a piece of garlic bread with your meal at a restaurant. You may want to ask for a side salad instead of bread next time you eat out.

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And while we’re on the topic, keep in mind that every tablespoon of butter contains 100 calories. So do yourself a favor and don’t add any butter! It’s healthier that way. But whatever you do, don’t burn off those extra garlic bread calories by eating too much exercise equipment! That’s just silly.

Is Eating Garlic Bread Really Worth it? Actually, No.

A small piece of garlic bread can be an easy way to top off a healthy meal and add some flavor. However, eating a lot of it will do more harm than good. According to HealthStatus, 1/4 cup of mayonnaise contains approximately 300 calories, while 7 tbsp butter has 520 calories.

If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your health at a healthy level, consuming large amounts of high-calorie condiments can make things more difficult for you. Consider using low-calorie alternatives instead; you might be surprised at how much tastier they are! For example, olive oil makes a great substitute for butter in most foods.

How to Reduce Calories in Garlic Bread

Think of using it as a side dish, rather than an entree or starter. One of the most popular ways to cut down on calories is to use only half of a baguette and make two servings out of one. Rather than overloading on butter, which can add more than 100 calories per serving, try olive oil or low-fat mayonnaise to get added flavor without extra fat and calories.

You can also use fresh herbs for an herbal twist on your garlic bread, including cilantro (just 10 calories per tablespoon), rosemary (also 10), parsley (30), and basil (40). A little bit goes a long way when you’re cooking with fresh herbs so be generous with them—it will add tons of flavor without adding empty calories!

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If you really want to go all out, spread just a thin layer of hummus instead of butter—you’ll still get plenty of creaminess but save hundreds of calories in each slice. Adding cheese to your bread? Go light on mozzarella and opt for feta or goat cheese instead;
they are far lower in calories while still offering creamy texture and tangy flavor. Or skip the cheese altogether: crumbled bacon (80 cal per 2 oz.) or bits of cooked chicken breast (60 cal per 2 oz.) both work well here.

A Realistic Approach to Healthy Eating

When it comes to lowering calories in your diet, you can start by cutting out one of America’s favorite appetizers. That’s right: garlic bread.

While most people don’t think of garlic bread as unhealthy, a recent study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University found that on average each serving contains approximately 420 calories. And while we all know everything in moderation is ok, consider skipping it altogether and checking out these healthful alternatives instead.

A Typical Serving of Garlic Bread

The typical serving size for garlic bread is 1 slice and is around 100 calories. It’s not uncommon to order an appetizer of garlic bread, which is a few slices. This can add up quickly! Even if you aren’t ordering it as an appetizer, keep in mind that restaurants often serve you way more than just one slice.

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If you’re getting your own plate of garlic bread, be sure to ask for only one slice. And don’t forget about dipping sauces; they tend to be high in fat and calories too! If you’re watching your weight or want to lose weight safely but quickly, skip out on all extras like butter or cheese dips.

Low-Calorie Alternatives to Your Favorite Takeaways

If you’re trying to lose weight but can’t give up that occasional fast food indulgence, try a few of these healthy alternatives. French fries are a favorite for people looking to cut down on high-calorie fast food, so if you have a hankering for them, have regular french fries instead of sweet potato ones or try baked chicken nuggets.

Another idea is an egg-white and cheese sandwich; just ditch the bacon! For dessert, you could even ask your waiter to prepare whipped cream with your dessert if you know that that’s what will tempt you – who doesn’t love some sprinkles?

Be sure to read nutrition labels before ordering as some items may seem low in calories but actually contain plenty! It never hurts to ask questions at restaurants either – many offer diet-friendly substitutions upon request.

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself about how much you need/want and plan accordingly. Enjoying takeaways every once in a while shouldn’t stop you from losing weight!

Regular Asked Questions:

How Many Calories Are in A Slice of Garlic Bread?

500 calories. While 500 calories may not seem like a lot, that’s before you add cheese or butter and dip it in olive oil. One slice of garlic bread with 2 tablespoons of butter contains 1,000 calories, an entire day’s recommended intake for most people.

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And because they’re often eaten while drinking alcohol at restaurants, there are even more hidden calories to be wary of. A glass of wine can have up to 250 calories and a beer has around 150 (plus all those empty carbs).

Put that together with your other meal choices, and you could be looking at close to 1,500 total daily calories – more than double what’s recommended for women and almost triple what’s advised for men. And that doesn’t include dessert! How Many Calories Are in a Slice of Cheese Pizza?: 500 calories.

A slice of cheese pizza contains about 500 calories. Add an extra topping or two, and it can easily reach 800 or 900 calories.

Does Varying Serving Size Change the Calorie Count?

Believe it or not, those calorie counts on food packages do vary based on serving size. Take an example of a loaf of garlic bread—it might claim to have 350 calories per serving if you buy one slice, but 600 calories per serving if you buy two slices.

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So what’s up with that? Well, most producers will include a nutritional label for their products that includes guidelines for eating based on certain parameters (serving size is one of them). So when calculating how many calories are in your food by weight, be sure to double-check your math skills.

What’s the Healthiest Garlic Bread Recipe?

It can be hard to know what’s in a garlic bread recipe, but luckily many of them are healthy. Most cooks use butter or olive oil in place of stick margarine and whole-wheat flour for part of their dough. While olive oil is high in calories,
it’s also considered heart-healthy and can make foods such as garlic bread much more nutritious. Whole-wheat flour is high in fiber and generally low in fat. With these lower-calorie options, it’s possible to eat a larger serving of garlic bread without overdoing it on fats or carbs.

How Many Calories Do We Consume on Average Per Day?

The average American consumes about 2,000 calories per day. One slice of garlic bread might not seem like much, but when you look at what we’re consuming throughout the rest of our meals and snacks, it starts to add up. The same person who eats that slice of garlic bread is likely to consume over 1,400 calories in their next meal alone.

People who are consistently eating over 2,000 calories every day need to be cognizant of what they’re putting into their bodies each time they eat a meal or snack. Our bodies can only handle so many calories in one sitting! You don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods entirely—just keep track of how many calories you’re taking in each day.

Is it Worth Cutting Down on Garlic Bread?

Although most of us wouldn’t consider a piece of garlic bread to be too high in calories, when you compare it to other items on a pizza menu it begins to look quite unhealthy. If you eat one serve of garlic bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese, then a single slice will have almost as many calories as an entire 18 medium Hawaiian pizza (and about 3 more grams of fat).

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Add two slices of garlic bread and your daily calorie intake for that meal is likely to go above 1000. As you can see, even though we don’t usually think about it too much, onion rings can actually pack in a tonne of unnecessary calories.

Do You Need Garlic Bread With Spaghetti Bolognese?

If you’re a big pasta fan, chances are you’ve asked yourself whether it’s worth it to get garlic bread with your order. Not only do you have to eat an extra slice of bread or two, but often there’s also butter and cheese involved.

Some people love their garlic bread so much that they’d even opt for a half-serving of pasta over getting a full portion without any garlicy goodness at all.

If you’re interested in saving calories by skipping on some extra carbs and fat, be sure to read our piece on how many calories in garlic bread. You’ll be surprised by how many calories can be found in such a seemingly simple dish.


An interesting finding in my research is that garlic bread calories vary greatly between brands. In general, light garlic bread with no cheese has less than 500 calories per loaf. It is important to pay attention to how many ingredients go into a brand of garlic bread you purchase since it can affect calories significantly.

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If you choose to eat more calorie-dense garlic bread, make sure it is worth it! Eating unhealthy foods simply because they taste good does not justify those extra calories and will likely lead to weight gain over time. The better option is to enjoy your food but be conscious of its nutritional value so you don’t experience unnecessary weight gain or health problems in later years.

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